For Program period 1 July to 31 December 2022

BENERAN (Belanja Berunjung Cuan)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Program Period: 1 July – 31 December 2022
  2. Valid for TMRW Credit Card holder
  3. To receive cashback, the customer will need to spend minimum Rp1.000.000 per transaction, for a minimum of five transactions. The cashback amount is based on the total number of transactions:

    Level Monthly Total Transactions Cashback
    Beneran Percaya ≥5 Rp150,000
    Beneran Yakin ≥10 Rp300,000
    Beneran Jadi ≥15 Rp500,000

  4. Only retail transactions with minimum spend Rp1.000.000 are eligible.
  5. The following transactions DO NOT qualify for the promotion:
    • Cash Advance on TMRW Credit card
    • Installments on TMRW Credit card
    • Cancelled transactions on TMRW Credit Card
  6. Total transactions are counted from the 1st of each month until the end of each month.
    1st Month
    Transaction Date : 1 – 31 July 2022
    Posting Date : maximum 5 August 2022
    2nd Month
    Transaction Date : 1 – 31 August 2022
    Posting Date : maximum 5 September 2022
    3rd Month
    Transaction Date : 1 – 30 September 2022
    Posting Date : maximum 5 October 2022
    4th Month
    Transaction Date : 1 – 31 October 2022
    Posting Date : maximum 5 November 2022
    5th Month
    Transaction Date : 1 – 30 November 2022
    Posting Date : maximum 5 December 2022
    6th Month
    Transaction Date : 1 – 31 December 2022
    Posting Date : maximum 5 January 2023
  7. Each customer will only be eligible for a maximum of 1 reward monthly.
  8. The cashback will credited into your TMRW Credit Card within 10 Business Days of the following month.
BENERAN (Belanja Berujung Cuan) - T&C General
  1. Customer who wins has to have an active TMRW Saving/Everyday Account by the time the gifts to be distributed.
  2. The reward tax is borne by the Bank.
  3. PT Bank UOB Indonesia at any time at its own discretion, may amend the terms & conditions of the program, or terminate the program with a prior notice.
  4. PT Bank UOB Indonesia, reserves the right to cancel the provision of reward if there is a fraudulent transaction or fraud against the terms of the program.
  5. By subscribing to this program, the customers have read, understood and agreed to all applicable terms and conditions.<
  6. For further information, please contact UOB Contact Center at 14008.
  7. PT Bank UOB Indonesia is a banking institution licensed and supervised by the Indonesian Financial Services Authority.


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