Terms dan Conditions

Waktu Indonesia Nabung - Monthly Reward

  1. Program period 23 February 2022 – 31 December 2022.
  2. This program is only eligible for customers who have TMRW account in the previous month.
  3. Customer must fulfill requirement of amount saved and minimum transaction to win monthly reward with below detail:

     WIN-o-meter  Amount Saved Minimum Transaction  Monthly Reward
     Young Money  + Rp5.000.000  -  -
     Boss-que  + Rp10.000.000  -  -
     The Moneybag  + Rp20.000.000  1  Rp50.000 GoPay Balance
     Ritchy Rich  + Rp30.000.000  2  Rp65.000 GoPay Balance
     Bigshot  + Rp50.000.000  3  Rp200.000 GoPay Balance
     Money Mojo  + Rp75.000.000  4  Rp275.000 GoPay Balance
     Royal Highness   + Rp100.000.000  5  Rp400.000 GoPay Balance
     The Sultan  + Rp150.000.000  6  Rp500.000 GoPay Balance

  4. Amount saved will be calculated based on the additional end of month balance, compared to end of month balance of the previous month.
  5. End of month balance will be calculated from the total end of month balance of TMRW Everyday and Savings Account on last working day in each month as stated in eStatement.
  6. The following transactions qualify for the promotion are transaction using TMRW Everyday Account:
    • Top up GoPay / OVO / LinkAja / i.Saku with TMRW Application with any amount
    • Bill payment with TMRW Application / Debit Card  with any amount
    • Spend using TMRW Application / Debit Card / QR with any amount
    • Saving to TMRW Savings Account (City of TMRW) with any amount
  7. The following transactions DO NOT qualify for the promotion
    • Any kind of bank transfer 
    • Any kind of cash withdrawal with TMRW ATM / Debit Card
    • Any kind of cash advance on TMRW Credit Card
    • Withdrawal from TMRW Savings Account (City of TMRW)
    • Deposit and withdrawal on TMRW Power Saver
    • Any kind of transaction using UOB Account except TMRW Everyday and Savings Account
  8. Customer will be rewarded according to the highest Win-o-meter level they achieved in each month.
  9. The reward will be distributed within 10 Business Days of the following month. The GoPay balance reward will be sent to the phone number registered in PT Bank UOB Indonesia.

    For reward details, click here.

Waktu Indonesia Nabung - Lucky Draw

  1. Program period 23 February 2022 - 20 January 2023.
  2. Customer is eligible for a WIN Lucky Draw after they achieve any WIN-o-meter level before the WIN Lucky Draw schedule with the following detail :

     WIN-o-meter  Amount Saved  Minimum Transaction  Lucky Draw Ticket
     Young Money  + Rp5.000.000  - 5
     Boss-que  + Rp10.000.000  - 10
     The Moneybag  + Rp20.000.000  1  20
     Ritchy Rich  + Rp30.000.000  2  30
     Bigshot  + Rp50.000.000  3  50
     Money Mojo  + Rp75.000.000  4  75
     Royal Highness   + Rp100.000.000  5 100
     The Sultan  + Rp150.000.000  6  150

  3. When Customer achieve WIN-o-meter in more than 1 month, the tickets will be accumulated for the nearest lucky draw schedule with following detail:

  4. WIN Lucky Draw Lucky Draw Date Requirement Winner Announcement
    Period 1 22 July 2022 Win any WIN-o-meter level during February – June 2022 Latest by 29 July 2022
    Period 2 21 October 2022 Win any WIN-o-meter level during July - September 2022 Latest by 28 October 2022
    Period  3 20 January 2023 Win any WIN-o-meter level during October - December 2022
    Latest by 27 January 2023

  5. Lucky Draw chances will only eligible for 1 lucky draw, and won’t be counted in the next lucky draw round.
  6. The lucky draw will be held in private witnessed by authorized parties who will verify the validity of the draw result. These parties include PT Bank UOB Indonesia, Kementerian Sosial Republik Indonesia, Dinas Sosial, and Notaris, on the scheduled date.
  7. Information regarding winner announcement will be announced on the scheduled date at official channel of PT Bank UOB Indonesial TMRW website (www.tmrwbyuob.com) and TMRW app.
  8. The reward will be sent within 30 Business Days after winner announcement. The GoPay balance reward will be sent to the phone number registered in PT Bank UOB Indonesia. The e-voucher reward will be sent to you via notification in TMRW app. The reward of items will be sent to the customer's registered address in PT Bank UOB Indonesia, within Indonesia territory only.
  9. If for some reason a certain gift is not available, Bank can replace the gift with another item with a similar value, with prior consent from the customer. The bank is hereby free from all claims and/or demands resulting from the change in the prize.
  10. Employee of PT Bank UOB Indonesia can't join the Lucky Draw program.

Waktu Indonesia Nabung - General

  1. Customer who participates in WIN program has to have an active TMRW Saving/Everyday Account.
  2. The reward tax is borne by the Bank.
  3. The decision of PT Bank UOB Indonesia on the winner who has complied with the applicable Terms & Conditions cannot be contested.
  4. PT Bank UOB Indonesia reserves the right to cancel the provision of reward if there is a fraudulent transaction or fraud against the terms of the program.
  5. Participation in WIN Monthly Reward and WIN Lucky Draw is subject to these Waktu Indonesia Nabung 2022 Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions shall be read in conjunction with the prevailing General Terms and Conditions Governing Accounts, Cards and Services for TMRW, Specific Terms for TMRW Account and TMRW Debit Card, and Specific Terms for TMRW Credit Card (collectively the “TMRW Terms”). In the event of any inconsistency:
    1. between these Terms and Conditions and the TMRW Terms, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail to the extent of such inconsistency; and
    2. ) between these Term and Conditions and any advertising, promotional, publicity, brochure, marketing or other materials relating to or in connection with the Promotion, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.
  6. By subscribing to this program, the customers have read, understood and agreed to all applicable terms and conditions.
  7. PT Bank UOB Indonesia at any time at its own discretion, may amend the terms & conditions of the program, or terminate the program with a prior notice.
  8. For further information, please contact us via chat in TMRW app or call UOB Contact Center at 14008.


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